Web Design

Whether you are a tradie that needs a better website to get more leads or a retailer that wants to sell products.

Web Hosting

If you need to add photos to your gallery or change some text and don’t have time just send it to us and we will do it for you.

Online Stores

Beautiful custom built online shopping websites that are easy to use and get results. No ugly templates or time consuming self-building software.

Website Marketing

Have a custom website created that includes a built in suite of SEO products alongside the latest Social media and content marketing techniques.

Email Hosting

Keep a professional appearance with a business domain name, business email address and a beautiful custom website.

Logo Design

Instead of using unoriginal logo generator software let the professional graphic designers at Netwizard Design create a custom logo for you.

Domain Registration

Register your domain name with Netwizard Design and enjoy seamless integration with all of our other services.


Netwizard Design offers customized Client Relationship Management software to make running your business easy!

Online Reputation Management

You know that feeling when you get a notification from Google or Truelocal alerting you of a negative review? That sinking feeling knowing this will negatively affect the business you have poured your blood and sweat into building.

Copy Writing

Let us write engaging and compelling content for you. Simply send us a few bullet points of the info you want us to cover and we will do the rest for you.

Discover Your Path to Entrepreneurial Success:

Launch Your Own Digital Marketing Agency with a Netwizard Design Franchise!

Unlock Personal and Financial Freedom – A Netwizard Web Design and Hosting Franchise offers an exceptional avenue to diversify your income streams. Reclaim control over your work-life balance, attain the earnings you've aspired to, and create a meaningful impact in your clients' businesses. Right from the start, you'll be at the helm of a comprehensive digital agency, supported by a skilled international team.

Transform into a fully-equipped tech entrepreneur, equipped to operate your own digital marketing venture from the comfort of your home.

Experience Time, Location, and Financial Freedom - The NETWIZARD Partnership Programme extends a global invitation to aspiring tech entrepreneurs like yourself, inviting you to build your digital marketing empire from the convenience of your own home. Capitalize on multiple income streams by delivering captivating websites, offering search marketing (SEO), conducting online advertising, content creation, and a spectrum of digital services to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Backed by Expertise, Driven by Ambition - Embrace your role as a certified digital specialist, bolstered by unwavering support from the Netwizard team, who adeptly manage the complexities behind the scenes. This empowers you to focus on nurturing business expansion and turning your income dreams into reality.

Steady Streams of Recurring Income

Achieve financial independence through diversified income channels. As you take the reins as your own boss, you'll cultivate a global enterprise benefiting from Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) and Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). The potential for limitless passive income beckons in this thriving market.

Operational Freedom, Global Impact

Say goodbye to confining office spaces and geographical limitations. Armed with just a laptop, smartphone, and internet connection, you're equipped to manage your business from anywhere across the globe. With Netwizard, the world becomes your canvas, allowing you to seamlessly extend your services worldwide without the overhead of staffing or extravagant offices.

Elevate Your Success with Netwizard

Accelerate your journey to success with the Netwizard Design Franchise. In just two weeks, you'll be ready to engage in sales and poised for swift business growth, guided by seasoned experts who work tirelessly by your side.

Seize the Opportunity

Your voyage as a tech entrepreneur commences now. Leverage the comprehensive backing of the Netwizard Design Franchise to shape your destiny in the digital realm. Experience the empowerment of financial freedom, professional autonomy, and the boundless potential of crafting your globally-recognized enterprise.

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