Reputation Management

We Remove Unfair Reviews Fast No Results = No Fee

You know that feeling when you get a notification from Google or Truelocal alerting you of a negative review? That sinking feeling knowing this will negatively affect the business you have poured your blood and sweat into building. Then when you read that review and find it was not posted in good faith but is in fact inaccurate or even dishonest you experience an intense anger. “How could someone so carelessly try to discredit my business affecting the livelihoods of myself and my employees?

Improve Enquiries and Leads

What if your inbound website and phone enquiries doubled or tripled after your online reputation was improved? How much of a difference would that make to your business and the quality of your life?

Since 2007 Netwizard Design has helped thousands of businesses build and market beautiful websites, but we noticed something; if one of our clients received negative reviews online the number of online enquiries received dramatically dropped. No amount of Wizardry could fix it. People are simply turned off by negative reviews, whether they are true or not! If you have a negative reputation online you cannot afford to ignore it. You are losing sales. Your word of mouth advertising is dramatically less effective.

Netwizard can remove reviews from the following platforms:

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