Website Marketing

Grow your Audience

Have a custom website created that includes a built in suite of SEO products alongside the latest Social media and content marketing techniques.

SEO features built into your custom Netwizard Design Website

Instant Google indexing

Have your site submitted to Google in less than 30 seconds. Choose your keywords and watch your website rank.

Fast load time

Your custom built site will load faster than a template site due to clean minimal coding.

Responsive Mobile site

Your website will adapt to the device and screen size which is very important for search engine ranking.

SSL Web Hosting

Superfast super secure webhosting, insecure slow loading sites are penalized by search engines.

Create and Maintain XML site map

This is used by search engines to find and crawl your website.

Creation of site favicon

A favicon is a visual representation of your website and business, so users will identify with your brand based on the favicon you use.

301 redirects

Ensure visitors land on the right page and maintain link equity when you need to permanently redirect one URL to another.

Drive traffic to your website with engaging and interesting content

Google and other Search engines want to send their users to websites that are relevant to what they are searching for. What better way to tell Google what you do then keeping your site updated with fresh relevant content.

How Netwizard content focused SEO works

We will research what people search for when they search for your products or services then we will place them on the website in a form of a blog. This is a highly effective and engaging method of search engine optimization.

Social media tools

Have your social media pages customized by Netwizard Design. We will also keep them updated with fresh engaging posts. Focus on your business while we take care of everything online.

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