3 Easy Ways to increase your Online Sales

Ways to increase your Online Sales

Your website may appear great, but it may also be losing you sales.

Why? Could be because it wasn’t built with your audience in mind or the menu structure or navigation is hard to understand and follow.

Here were three things that will surely boost your online sales:

1. Website speed

Speed matters. Most people will leave a website if it doesn’t load within three seconds. Lots of things can slow a website down—including large images, videos, and problems you cannot see like excess code. The web host of the website also matters. If the server it is hosted on has issues the site will load slowly. Google really penalises you for having a slow website. You MUST optimise your website to have any chance of competing for the coveted top Google results.

2. Content that answers your customer’s questions

Your site may outline all your products, but does it answer your customers’ commonly asked questions? A FAQ page is a great way to help answer these questions. Creating blog-like content that answers questions your customers would ask most can get your site to come up in their search engine results. The saying “Content is King” is still valid in 2021.  See our blog post on Netwizard SEO about fresh content. https://www.netwizardseo.com.au/why-is-fresh-content-critical-for-your-seo/

3. Lots of calls to action

All pages on your site and every piece of content should drive a customer to take some sort of action. These actions could be to contact you, signup to a newsletter, view a video about the product, check out Specials etc.

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