4 Web Design Qualities of an Effective Online Store

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Business owners today turn to e-commerce as it allows them to reach as many customers as they can online. They also maximise e-commerce since it allows them to promote and sell their products without spending on physical stores.

One way to carry out e-commerce activities is to build an online store. This store, which is mostly compiled on a website, is often equipped with web pages that allow customers to browse one’s products and services. Some pages are then dedicated to product inquiries, customer support, and information about the business. Purchases can likewise be carried out on the same site, as long as it is protected and secured from cyberattacks.

If you want to maximise an online store for your business, here are some web design qualities it must possess.

1. Speedy Loading Time

One web design quality your online store should possess is speedy loading time. Internet speeds nowadays are remarkably fast. So, people expect websites to load quickly as soon as they click the links. Now, if your online store is not snappy enough to load all its content, many of your website visitors would leave and find another site. To make your online store speedy, you should optimise its media content. Limiting redirects and opting for better bandwidth can also make your online store load faster.

2. High-Quality Images

As mentioned earlier, having a speedy website can make your online store successful. However, it does not mean that you have to remove its images just to make its loading speed significantly fast. A balance between speed and quality can still be achieved by using high-quality images that are compressed optimally. Using these images can guide your customers about the products you are offering. Images can even become more effective if they are paired with well-written product descriptions and specifications.

3. Straightforward Checkout

The main goal of most online stores is to sell their products or services. But if they utilise a tiring checkout process, it would be difficult for the stores to secure purchases from customers. An online store with a straightforward checkout encourages customers to visit and buy again soon. To make your online store’s cart abandonment rate low, you may want to maximise a one-page checkout. Keeping the checkout page easy to understand can also help make the checkout process easier. This can be achieved by removing the header, footer, and menu options.

4. Mobile-Friendly

One more web design quality your online store should possess is mobile friendliness. One fact about purchases nowadays is that they are mostly carried out through mobile devices. These purchases even grow continuously each year as more people gain access to not only speedy internet but also quality smartphones and tablets. As a business owner, you must ensure that your online store will be mobile-friendly. You can achieve this by making your content still readable while on mobile. Buttons and links should also be touch-responsive.

Your online store will be effective if you incorporate these qualities. If you need help in creating and optimising your online store, you can contact us at Netwizard Design.

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