5 Major Reasons Why You Need to Scrap Your Old Website Design

Scrap Your Old Website Design

There is no question that the online marketplace has changed the way consumers shop throughout the world. Redesigning a website is no small task. However, sometimes a site redesign is a necessity. Indeed, you may need a site redesign at this moment without realizing that your current site is not sufficient for your needs. The questions both large and small business owners must ask themselves are whether a site redesign is needed and why.

Regardless of the type of business you operate, your website should use clear, concise language. A good way to gauge the readability and navigation of your site is to ask someone who is unfamiliar with it to test it out. Ask them how easy it was to find information, if it was simple to understand, or if they found it confusing. Also, your site should be consistent with social media. Visitors need to be able to go back and forth from your site to your other online marketing tools, like blogs and social media pages, with little effort or interruption. Below are five major reasons why you need to scrap your old website design.

Visual Appeal

The presence of your website is an immediate impression of your business. You have to situate yourself and your organization as an expert in your field. Early introductions are fundamental to depicting this vision, so it is important that you overhaul your website consistently to keep steady over the most recent structure patterns.


You hear stories all the time about websites getting hacked. The most exposed ones normally incorporate a destroyed landing page that shows some awful message about who hacked your website and why they did it. In any case, there are numerous other slippery ways that programmers use to compromise your website.


Early introductions might be generally constrained by the general plan of your website, however that is just the start. When you’ve caught their eye, you have to additionally intrigue them with incredible substance. Your composed words ought to be fascinating while likewise giving important data about the items or potentially benefits you offer.


From a promoting point of view, your website’s viability is basic. You have to watch out for your statistics — see what visitors are tapping on, which pages they visit, and how long they stay. Notwithstanding viewing your statistics with a device, for example, Google Analytics, there are different approaches to examine the impacts of your website. Methods, for example, heat planning, transformation following and client accounts can assist you with bettering see how visitors cross your website and what makes them contact and possibly enlist you.

Site improvement (SEO)

Since you have a wonderful structure and elegantly composed substance, you have to refresh your SEO settings so individuals can discover you. Web optimization rules are continually changing — you may have perused articles about Google updating their calculations — each time the web indexes make their own updates, your website is possibly influenced. You have to keep steady over the new emphasess; the more you pause, the further behind you become.

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