Are you prepared to run your business remotely?

run your business remotely

At Netwizard Design we understand transitioning to operating remotely can be challenging. We have put together a short list of our top three software solutions we believe will make life a lot easier and make running your business from home a lot easier.


1.  Netwizard CRM Solution.

Have all your client accounts and notes together in one central location that all staff can access remotely. You can create and assign tasks, send emails and invoices, upload files and much more. No more emails back and forth trying to figure out who has done what for which client. Have your business managed online with our easy to use fully customizable solution.

To find out more about this exciting new product then watch the easy to follow demonstration here:


2. Zoom Online Meetings

Zoom combines HD video conferencing, online business meetings, webinars, and mobile capabilities into one collaborative solution.

With Zoom, there’s no need to combine various video conferencing solutions in order to achieve great results for online business meetings. We simply use Zoom. We’ve noticed a complete drop off in both delays and downtime. And if we ever need anything, Zoom offers a comprehensive knowledge base on their website.

Check out to get more information


3. Dropbox

Provides a  secure virtual location to safely store documents while allowing all team members access.

Many businesses need a backup data plan and a way to conveniently share files. No other program does this better than Dropbox. This service works by subscribing and downloading their free service that offers limited file storage.

There’s a reason why Dropbox is so popular. Users can conveniently access this platform on their desktop, tablet, and smartphones. With Dropbox’s simple software, file upload and sharing are simple.

Users can upload, store, and share files across a wide array of file types. You can even host group projects and team collaboration on Dropbox.

The free service caps at 2GB of storage. Storage exceeding this amount must either delete files or upgrade to an advanced service.

If you are interested in using this powerful product then go to and try it out.

If Netwzard Web Design and Hosting can be of any assistance at all in implementing these products or you need our help or opinion on any other software you are interested in then please call us on 1300 638 949 anytime and we will be more than happy to help.

We wish you all good health during this time and really appreciate your ongoing business.

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