Characteristics of a Website with Good Functionality

Good Functionality

For reaching optimal levels of visibility, credibility and success for your business, your website must be as innovative and unique as your enterprise and brand. It is also essential for your site to exhibit high degrees of functionality, with all pages and features designed for easy access and use by your site visitors and customers. Although countless popular themes and pre-designed templates are available online for use in creating your company website, these simple site building aids will only get your website off to an acceptable-to-fair start.

In order to initiate your online business with a good to phenomenal web presence and persona, you will need to produce a site with top-rated creative design, strong industry focus and most importantly, ultimate levels of functionality.

Main Characteristics of a Website with Good Functionality

Primary characteristics and features of a website with good levels of functionality include the following:

1. Ease of Use. – Since web users today lead busy lives, all pages of your website need to be easy to access and use. Excellent user experience will bring you and your company greater volumes of site visitors, interested customers and sales conversion rates. If you design an attractive, uncluttered site that clearly displays your brand, products and services as well as your business focus and goals, your visitors will be more highly engaged, remaining longer on your web pages to view and take interest in your brand and all that it offers.

Your site navigation should be clear, with fast page access and highly functional features throughout. Your site content, including text, images, videos and interactive features should have ultimate quality presentation for all viewers.

2. Search and Social Optimisation.
– Once your website is well designed and easy to use, it needs a steady and increasing stream of web traffic. Your site will only prove its high degrees of functionality if it attracts high volumes of targeted visitor traffic. Effective SEO today involves good optimisation for both web searches and social media visibility. It also helps to include keywords in your site content that contemporary web searchers commonly use.

Using engaging page titles and meta tags on your web pages and alt tags on images is also a good practice for increasing your site’s visibility and ultimate functionality. Use of cascading style sheets for web page layouts as well as uncluttered HTML code has also proven to enhance a site’s overall levels of functionality. Also, be sure to include social media sharing links on your site for greater visibility and to capture the interests of more web users.

3. Mobile Design and Optimisation. – For exhibiting high degrees of functionality today, your website must be attractive and work smoothly on any platform. Since the majority of web users now access sites, perform web searches and carry on business transactions on laptops, tablets and smartphones, it is essential for your business site to be designed and optimised for fast access, good functionality and easy use on any and all digital devices. With good mobile SEO, your website can offer excellent user experience while gaining high search engine rankings.

4. Calls-to-Action. – Clear, concise calls-to-action on all the pages of your website will improve and demonstrate your site’s levels of functionality. Although your site visitors may find your website presentation very attractive and engaging, they may take action to purchase or try your products and services only if you ask them to do so. Since one “ask” is not usually enough, you should include an enticing call-to-action on each page. You can do this by asking your visitors to sample a product, download a tutorial, subscribe to your email list or register as site members or users. Everyone likes an attractive invitation, so make your visitors an offer they simply cannot resist.

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