CMS vs Static Websites

CMS vs Static Websites

Small business owners need professional looking, high quality websites in order to be competitive in the marketplace. Knowing what type of website to use for any business can be confusing for those who are not professional web developers. A business owner should learn the differences between content managed (CMS) and static websites so that he or she can make the best decisions for the company.

Content Management Systems (CMS)
CMS is a good choice for businesses that wish to have more than a simple online presence. A company with the need for more complex features, like an online marketplace, may find that CMS is an excellent investment. Sites that use CMS can hold mostly text, but they can also take advantage of other attractive features like video and apps.

Proprietors can often make quick and easy changes to these sites as well. Information is held in a database that is then accessible via an administrator’s panel. These often use WYSIWYG editors for business owners who do not understand scripting languages.

CMS is favoured by many business owners because of the simplicity of updates. However, some business owners may not be able to afford the startup costs of this expensive alternative to web design.

Static Websites
A static website is created by a designer who has knowledge of HTML or XHTML. These sites are less expensive to create because they are hosted without the aid of a database. Many small businesses prefer static websites because of their low startup cost. Also, those with basic knowledge of HTML can make changes on their own without added expense.

Conversely, static websites are less functional than those using CMS. Customers who explore your online presence may be pleased with the simplicity of CMS. However, competitors may utilize CMS, which may be more attractive and more functional. Business owners who do not have HTML knowledge must ask a web designer or administrator to make changes for them, which can cost more in the long run.

Whether a business owner chooses a static website or CMS is completely up to them. Many businesses fare much better with simple, easy-to-use sites without all of the bells and whistles. Others may find that they need to use CMS with all that it has to offer in order to remain competitive. Business owners should study each style thoroughly before making a decision. They should also regularly update themselves on new technologies that are available in the online atmosphere because pricing, styles, and methodology changes on an almost daily basis. The most successful businesses are those that continually update their online content regardless of the style of site they use.

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