How Your E-Commerce Website Design Can Affect Customer Loyalty

E-Commerce Website Design

When you have a well-designed and easily navigated e-commerce website, you will automatically gain greater customer attention and loyalty. Especially since first impressions are all-important to successful online business, you want to ensure that your site ranks high for first glance approval.

A new visitor and potential customer who accesses your e-commerce site may decide within seconds whether your site offers a user-friendly and customer-oriented platform and design. If your website passes the test, you will most likely gain the interest of your new visitor. After remaining on your site to examine your company’s products and services, this newcomer may very well become a buyer and even a returning loyal customer.

Ways in Which the Design of Your E-Commerce Website Affects Customer Loyalty

The different design elements of your e-commerce website can affect customer interest and loyalty in the following ways:

1. Optimal Quality Visual Content. When the overall content and layout of your e-commerce website are appealing visually, simply presented and easy to navigate, first-time site visitors will stay longer. Your regular customers and loyal client base will visit your web pages more frequently to review your new inventories or services.

They will purchase your products and services more frequently. Especially influential in acquiring greater numbers of loyal customers is including fine-quality images, videos and interactive features on your site.

2. Excellent Mobile Optimisation. The majority of online sales site views and customer purchases take place on mobile digital devices today. For this reason, top-calibre mobile optimisation is essential for building your e-commerce sales conversion rates.

Consumers from all corners of the globe shop online via their smartphones, tablets or laptops today. Only by ensuring that your sales site offers superior mobile optimisation can you reach and maintain high site visitor and product sales volumes.

3. Updated Website Security Features. By including the latest web security features in your e-commerce site design, you can instill confidence in your new and existing online customers. Due to the increasing rates of privacy invasions and security breaches on websites, many eager online customers now hesitate to buy products via the web. Since e-commerce sites are often targeted by hackers and potential identity thieves, you need to include sophisticated security measures on your site.

By including two-factor authentication, you can assure customers that their purchases can be safety transacted. When you obtain an SSL certificate, it establishes and maintains a secure connection between each customer and your website. You can also build the shopper’s trust by making your privacy policy easily viewable on your site.

4. Secure Payment and Advanced Shipping Options.
When your customers can make purchases using such payment options as Google Pay and Apple Pay, they are encouraged to buy more products. When you offer two-day shipping, next-day delivery on featured products and shipment tracking updates for orders, you may be surprised at the rate at which your sales conversions volumes rise.

5. User-Generated Product Reviews. By supporting reviews of your e-commerce products from your customers, you make a more personal connection with your new buyers and ongoing client base. Statistics show that new customers trust the feedback and opinions concerning products that are offered by your regular customers who are “in the know” concerning your inventories and services.

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