Ideas for Keeping Web Visitors on Your Site

Keeping Web Visitors on Your Site


A nice design with a simple navigation system is vital in keeping visitors on your website. If your design uses many different non-complimentary colors and is distracting in itself, expect visitors to bail. A great design is born from Layout, Typography and colour palette. Choosing the wrong colours could hurt your chances in converting your visitors to leads or sales.

Introduce Yourself

When a new visitor comes to your site they should know almost immediately what your site is about and how it will benefit them. Why’s this important? People have less and less time nowadays and if they can’t easily figure out what your site is about then they’ll leave.

Create an about page. This page is essential for any website. The page should go into lots of detail about your business right from the very start to where it is now. You can include information about yourself and other team members on this page or on another, it’s up to you.

Simplify large chunks of text

No matter what the topic, seeing a huge chunk of text will scare any visitor off. Consider splitting your text into meaningful blocks making sure you use only one idea per paragraph. Once you’ve done that, consider adding in graphics that make everything even easier to understand. Charts, diagrams, graphs, illustrations are all great choices. They do the work of a thousand words, and could mean the difference between scaring off visitors and getting them to stick around.

Keep your content fresh

If your posts are from 2005 are still showing in the search engines, visitors may click, take one look at the date, and then bolt. The most important thing you can do to keep your visitors on your site is to focus on consistently adding good, relevant content that appeals to your readers’ needs and questions. Search engines crawl your website frequently looking for new content. The more content you write, the more often the spiders will come back. If a spider returns to your website and finds new information, it will usually shorten the period between the next time it crawls your site again. If it finds that your content hasn’t changed, it could do the opposite and not return for a while.

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