Misconceptions About Web Development

Web Development

Did your last web development project go over budget, blow past deadlines and became a frustrating mess?

The bad news. It was rough.

The good news. Your next web project does not have to be.

Most business owners have serious misconceptions about web development. This is a problem because businesses are more reliant than ever on their company’s on-line presence.

Here are some common myths that most business owners associate with web development:

Website development is simple.

Clients commonly request a ‘simple’ 15-page website with a log-in set-up, on-line payment, a blog and other widgets.

Other websites you find on-line may appear simple, but the necessary work to develop a website is complicated and time-consuming. Some requests that seem small or even elementary could involve complicated development work and require days or weeks of programming.

Everyone should be involved.

Rather than including all the staff to generate ideas only involve the people who directly represent each facet of your company and of course those who’ll be doing the work. You can always get input later in the development stage closer to the final testing period. Involving too many people and bouncing too many ideas around is time-consuming and confusing. Avoid this at all costs.

Websites are a commodity.

Many business people have the perception that web design is a cheap commodity. Using cheap already created templates might work for some companies, but for those serious about their own unique brand and on-line presence, such cheap alternatives won’t be effective long-term. A website should be considered an investment and you should be dedicating appropriate resources towards it.

Once a website is built, there is nothing else to worry about.

Web development is never really done when you have a business website. Once your website is launched, it will need to be maintained and updated frequently to keep your visitors and potential customers engaged and coming back over and over again. It is important to have someone maintaining, monitoring and updating your website to keep competitive. Even if your website has minimal traffic, you still need someone keeping an eye on functionality and improving your traffic flow.

It’s your website, so you dictate the design.

It is a natural instinct to want to micromanage your company’s website and want to input as much as your own vision into the design as possible. However, unless you’re a web designer or graphic artist this should be left to the professionals. You need to trust your web designer if you want site visitors to become paying customers. Web designers will keep your vision in mind, but you need to let them design. They’re knowledgeable about what works and what does not.

What we are trying to reiterate here is that business owners should consult a professional web development firm for their next web project. It will make the whole process easier and in the long run will save money. Having a professionally designed and develped website will ensure your company has the best on-line presence which properly converts visitors to sales or customers.

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