New Website Design Trends for 2018

New Website Design Trends

There are exciting and innovative new trends for web design during 2018, so be sure to bring your online business site presentation current in order to keep your competitive edge sharp in your specific industry niche. Since trends move as swiftly as advancements in technology, staying informed and updated in your website design as well as your business outlook and practices will make the year ahead more productive and profitable for you and your company. With the rapid increase in volumes of online commerce today, your website is usually your new customers’ first glimpse at and introduction to your brand, products and services. With an updated web presence and online persona, your Internet enterprise will be well ahead in the game and global arena of successful Web-based business for this year.

Creative and Practical Website Design Trends for 2018

Effective creative and practical website design trends to ensure the growth and success of your online business for 2018 include the following:

• Clean Layouts and Creative Typography. – Website designs with an overload of flash and flair or jam-packed with data will be a burden to your online business growth this year. Because sites designed with simplicity and a sharply focused purpose will load faster and completely, which is a definite plus for ensuring that site layouts have high rates of conversion from desktop to mobile viewing. With more interactive features and comprehensive interfaces now in vogue and demand for quality site design, streamlined, clean layouts are essential for achieving higher sales conversion rates and online business success. With use of creative typography like varied text heading sizes and styles or creative use of fonts, savvy site designers are sparking new levels of brand interest and capturing website visitors as new customers and ongoing clients.

• Engaging Animation and Virtual Reality. – Website layouts for 2018 are expected to be abundant with moving visual content. This trend was sparked by the new release of animated emojis, which will increase the levels of animation currently common in the consumer’s everyday lifestyle. Subtle to extravagant animations will populate all areas of visual media as a normal form of communicating information about brands, products or services of modern companies for today’s global online marketplace. When you include aspects of virtual reality (VR) in your current website design, your clients and potential new customers will view your business as moving along the newest trends’ cutting edge. Onsite video technology will now be more immersive and encourage site users’ virtual interaction with engaging new features like full 360-degree, extensive video and mapping capabilities to incorporate in your company site. Such techniques will enable your customers, ongoing and new, to interact more thoroughly with your brand and all it has to offer.

• Machine Learning and Interactive Site Features.
– With artificial intelligence playing a major role in digital communications and sales interactions, your website needs updated usage of bots for seamless site visitor and customer interactions and purchases. Sophisticated bots are now essential site components as information sources and to guide customers through all areas of your website to get a full understanding of your brand, products and services. Machine learning is now a primary element in contemporary web development of successful websites with a high-volume, continuous flow of targeted web traffic. With good use of interactive bots, your larger numbers of first-time visitors to your site are more likely to become loyal customers.

Innovative new trends in website design features for 2018 will bring your site current for attracting greater volumes of targeted web traffic and higher sales conversion rates. With a clean, creative layout and use of VR, advanced animation and interactive features designed with elements of artificial intelligence, your online business is destined to grow and prosper in the new year ahead.

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