Stay Safe with Regular CMS Updates/Monitoring

CMS Updates/Monitoring

Those who live in the shadows of the World Wide Web are growing increasingly more clever with gaining access to websites and email accounts with malicious intent. This is a time for vigilance and preemptive action to ensure your business does not lay victim to a hack, scam or other damaging tactic by these internet criminals.

When a hacker gets into your website they can do a number of things from defacing your pages to installing malware that sends out spam or even accessing your customer database and stealing sensitive data.  You wouldn’t leave your office door unlocked over the weekend would you? Well, if you do not regularly monitor and update your website’s core system in essence you are leaving it unlocked for anyone to do what they please with it.

Having a professional web developer to ensure your website is up to the latest standards and a reputable web host to make sure it is only accessed by those who are supposed to is imperative.  If all necessary steps are not taken, you can risk your company’s reputation and quite possibly your customer’s information.

Netwizard Design & Hosting always develops websites that are less likely to be hacked or compromised in any way.  We do not use cut and paste templates or public plugins like some firms do that are more likely to be hacked. We have our own proprietary systems that we use in conjunction with WordPress to lock-down your website and keep you safe.

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