Surge of E-commerce Transactions on Mobile Devices

E-commerce Transactions on Mobile Devices

Since 2010, Australia has seen a 448% rise in mobile e-commerce transactions. That is an incredible growth and business owners and online retailers must take notice. Enable and optimise your E-commerce website for mobile devices.

Many of today’s mobile devices whether that be a tablet or a smaller smart phone double as portable computers for their owners. Until recent years, normally e-commerce transactions could only be completed using a laptop or desktop, but since mobile devices are smarter and faster and with mobile provider networks expanding and improving each day, an environment where online shoppers have become increasingly comfortable buying goods and services while mobile has been created.

Now that smart phones and tablets have the ability to perform e-commerce related tasks, the next logical step for companies who sell online is to ensure their website properly renders on mobile devices. If not, they could potentially lose out on sales and missed opportunities to connect with the ever expanding pool of customers. E-commerce isn’t slowing down and it’s only going to get bigger as time goes on. This is why companies should begin making adjustments to their e-commerce strategies with respect to mobile, now.

If you have a brick and mortar shop and do not have a e-commerce website now is the time to think about it. Many of the major banks in Australia offer a free gateway or development documentation on how to sync your website sales to your merchant account allowing you to accept secure payments online. Also, AusPost makes it very easy to calculate postage and shipping costs automatically for your website sales offering modules and plugins for many popular e-commerce platforms.

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