The Differences Between WordPress Professionals and Amateurs

WordPress Professionals and Amateurs

Low quotes and quick turnaround are very enticing to a small business, but make sure you do your due diligence before committing to a web designer whether he or she may be an actual firm or a freelancer.  The problem with these super low prices and fast turnarounds are that you usually end up with a cookie cutter design and template that some other business or businesses might already have. How embarrassing would it be to find out that you have the same website template as one of your competitors?

The web design industry nowadays is very competitive and not nearly as lucrative as it once was and if you did some research you will find that many companies that existed a few years ago are no longer in business and in some cases these closures have caused huge headaches for their web hosting clients as was widely reported by Australian media in the last year.   Make sure to use a company with a solid track record.

Typically, those companies that offer very low pricing are located in India and can be very difficult to communicate with if your project starts going sideways.  These budget firms also tend to use the default core system and free templates and plugins that are extremely vulnerable to hacking.  They will often outsource the work to freelancers from who knows where to make even more profits.  A professional web design firm will use in-house staff that are well qualified and partake in constant training to further develop their skills.  The Professionals will design your website completely custom to your requirements and will code your theme from scratch and hand code all custom functionality for your business website without using free public resources.  Another benefit of a professional handling your website project is that they will ensure your site runs as fast as possible and will perform the best in terms of (SEO) search engine optimisation and can be found easily by Google and other search engines.

Our development team at Netwizard constantly sees examples of poor work when we get a new client with an existing WordPress website. The sites are loaded up with endless plugins that bog down the site to a crawl all for some simple function that could have been added in easily if the previous developer was skilled enough.

If you have a WordPress website that needs some TLC or you would like to look into harnessing the power of a Content Management System ring us on 1300 638 949 today for a free no obligation consultation. We will send out a knowledgeable design consultant to meet with you in the comfort of your own office or home.

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