The Key Elements of a Great Website

The Key Elements

No company today can be competitive without a website. The most recent data shows that eight of 10 people shop online, mostly due to convenience. The Internet never closes. Thanks to mobile devices, which are becoming easier to use by the minute, a website can be reached from nearly everywhere in the world. Designing a website is so simple that anyone could do it. However, designing a great website is a little more difficult.

A website is a necessity, but a bad website drives people away. Bad sites are those with broken links, out-of-date technology, and pages that are difficult to navigate. These poorly designed websites send a message about your company both online and off. Even worse, if you have a bad website, it can take a very long time to overcome the blemish to your reputation. Serious marketing dollars will likely need to be spent to convince web users to give you a second chance.

Good websites are those that are sufficient. A good website gets your point across without making users flee. A good website is seldom memorable. It does not encourage visitors to come back time and again. On the other hand, a great website does that and more. In order to have a great website, you must first understand those key elements that make an excellent site.

Intuitive Design
Perhaps the most important aspect of a great website is the ease of use and navigation. You should make sure that even a first-time user can get around the site with little struggle.

The second most important item is content. Give your users content that is meaningful, helpful, and easy to ready. You should also be sure that your site is free from jargon or other difficult to understand language, unless your site is made specifically for those who are embroiled within the industry.

Repeat Navigation
Users expect to be able to easily jump from one page to the next within any site. You should supply this for them via navigation that is before the fold so that they don’t have to sift through the home page to get to the specific area they need. You should also supply this navigation in a sidebar or footer.

Of course, these are not the only items that are necessary for an excellent website. You also need accurate contact information, high quality imagery, and, above all, content that stays current. You will not gather repeat visitors if your website stays the same day after day, year after year.

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