The Most Important Elements That Your Website Homepage Must Have

Your Website Homepage Must Have

There are many elements that all contemporary websites must incorporate, including top-quality design and development with excellent SEO, engaging interactive features, a designated area for site visitor contact data collection, a strong call-to-action and convincing customer testimonials. In addition, there are specific elements that your website’s homepage must include in order to attain high search engine rankings, good web visibility and high degrees of e-commerce credibility. Each visitor to your site will form an impression of your business based on your homepage.

The average site visitor will spend eight seconds or less on your homepage before deciding to stay and explore your company brand, products and services or to abandon your site for another that has more appeal. For this reason, your homepage must offer enticing features that will capture your visitors and persuade them to stay to examine your brand as revealed in all the pages of your site. Most web browsers take interest in sites that welcome and involve them immediately, attracting their focused attentions on multiple aspects and qualities of a product or service. A well-designed and developed website will successfully draw visitors into the core of your company’s main purpose, goal and commercial offerings to consumers. If your site presents each unique product feature and service concisely in a way that entices your visitors to examine your brand’s products carefully, this will often lead to sales conversions on the initial visit, or to return visits by a consumer for making purchases.

The Major Elements of Importance that Your Website Homepage Must Include

The most important elements that your website homepage must have in order to gain high rates of web traffic, interested customers and increased conversion rates include the following:

• Effective Brand Identifier. – To gain good commercial credibility and success, your business site homepage needs an attention-getting graphic that represents your brand, such as an engaging and memorable logo. If your logo is unique, displaying creativity and clarity, your visitors will be able to recall your brand easily later on. Your company logo should appear in clear sight near the top of your homepage, and all decorative design and text around it should emphasize and enhance your logo. Standard web page format normally gives a logo top left side placement on your homepage. It is also helpful to place a compelling, easily remembered tagline near your logo. You will also gain interest and extended visitor stays on your site by including a value proposition relative to your brand’s purpose, products and services.

• Active Social Media Integration. – All the major social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are constantly growing in popular use for business marketing and promotion today. If you want your website’s homepage visitors to view the number of followers your company has on various social media sites, you can easily do so by integrating data from these social media platforms into your page design with auto-updating capacity. This feature can do wonders to improve your site’s SEO results. It is best to place these social media icons either in the header or footer area of your homepage.

• Easy Navigation. – Your business website navigation as indicated on your homepage must be clean, clear and concise to be effective in directing visitors through the pages of your site. Good navigation design is essential for attaining high rates of visitor engagement and site user satisfaction, which will promote increased sales conversions while building your customer base. Clarity of site navigation will also raise your homepage search engine rankings. Clear website navigation puts your visitors and customers at ease and encourages them to spend time on your site, examining your featured brand products, services and any free material you may offer, such as newsletters or e-book and video downloads.

When you combine effective brand identification, good social media integration and clear, easy navigation features on the homepage of your business website, your e-commerce site will gain greater volumes of web traffic, higher conversion rates and significant increases in your customer base for greater online credibility and business success.

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