Web Design

Whether you are a tradie that needs a better website to get more leads or a retailer that wants to sell products.

Web Hosting

If you need to add photos to your gallery or change some text and don’t have time just send it to us and we will do it for you.

Online Stores

Beautiful custom built online shopping websites that are easy to use and get results. No ugly templates or time consuming self-building software.

Website Marketing

Have a custom website created that includes a built in suite of SEO products alongside the latest Social media and content marketing techniques.

Email Hosting

Keep a professional appearance with a business domain name, business email address and a beautiful custom website.

Logo Design

Instead of using unoriginal logo generator software let the professional graphic designers at Netwizard Design create a custom logo for you.

Domain Registration

Register your domain name with Netwizard Design and enjoy seamless integration with all of our other services.


Netwizard Design offers customized Client Relationship Management software to make running your business easy!

Online Reputation Management

You know that feeling when you get a notification from Google or Truelocal alerting you of a negative review? That sinking feeling knowing this will negatively affect the business you have poured your blood and sweat into building.

Copy Writing

Let us write engaging and compelling content for you. Simply send us a few bullet points of the info you want us to cover and we will do the rest for you.


Top 5 Reasons Why Updating Your Old Website is Important

The World Wide Web is truly outstanding and most financially savvy approaches to showcase your business. Thus, it is important that you update your website to keep it applicable, quick, and safe. Patterns in website architecture change practically every day, so it’s acceptable to stay aware of them. Normal plan updates can really set aside you cash. It’s not tied in with “staying aware of the Joneses” – it’s progressively about staying aware of web norms. Consistency while perusing the web is important, particularly for the individuals who aren’t wise with innovation.

Visual Appeal

The presence of your website is an immediate impression of your business. You have to situate yourself and your organization as an expert in your field. Early introductions are fundamental to depicting this vision, so it is important that you overhaul your website consistently to keep steady over the most recent structure patterns.

Likewise, if your site looks obsolete and organized inadequately, potential customers may subliminally feel that your business is obsolete and organized ineffectively too. Your website should feature your items as well as administrations in a positive light that urges visitors to discover increasingly about you, which possibly drives them to employ you or buy your items.


You hear stories all the time about websites getting hacked. The most exposed ones normally incorporate a destroyed landing page that shows some awful message about who hacked your website and why they did it. In any case, there are numerous other slippery ways that programmers use to compromise your website.

Once in a while they will hack into the backend of your website and use it as a spam worker, which can back your website off to a slither and in the long run gets you blacklisted. Blacklisting implies that your web address (area name) is included to underhanded lists workers everywhere throughout the world that square others from visiting your website and sending email messages to you. As you can envision, that could be a major issue for your business.


Early introductions might be generally constrained by the general plan of your website, however that is just the start. When you’ve caught their eye, you have to additionally intrigue them with incredible substance. Your composed words ought to be fascinating while likewise giving important data about the items or potentially benefits you offer.


From a promoting point of view, your website’s viability is basic. You have to watch out for your statistics — see what visitors are tapping on, which pages they visit, and how long they stay. Notwithstanding viewing your statistics with a device, for example, Google Analytics, there are different approaches to examine the impacts of your website. Methods, for example, heat planning, transformation following and client accounts can assist you with bettering see how visitors cross your website and what makes them contact and possibly enlist you.

Site improvement (SEO)

Since you have a wonderful structure and elegantly composed substance, you have to refresh your SEO settings so individuals can discover you. Web optimization rules are continually changing — you may have perused articles about Google updating their calculations — each time the web indexes make their own updates, your website is possibly influenced. You have to keep steady over the new emphasess; the more you pause, the further behind you become.


At the point when you update your website’s appearance and substance, this is an ideal chance to likewise refresh your SEO settings. These might include reassessment of your recently refreshed substance, however it might likewise include updating the fundamental code related with the new structure. At the point when you have your website updated, it is important that your website specialist think about these alternatives as he/she is remaking your webpage.

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