Top Website Design Trends for 2019

Top Website Design Trends

Web design has evolved and moved through many different phases since its early days of development. It will continue to move in innovative directions with the use of new design concepts and technologies in 2019. Although no extreme changes are expected in design techniques for the near future, some new trends are predicted to gain strength and popularity throughout the year ahead. Since our contemporary world is constantly becoming more visually oriented, website design that incorporates edge-to-edge video, visual icons and engaging interactive elements attract the most attention, leading to greater site membership or client bases and rising sales conversion rates. 

Leading Website Design Trends for Better Site Visibility and More Web Traffic in 2019

Top trends in website design elements and technologies for 2019 include the following:  

• Three-Dimensional Design Components.
– This year will bring more 3-D elements and effects to the recently popular flat design trends. Sharp corners will be rounded, and subtle shadowing will return to popular use. Domain owners now want their websites to have a more realistic quality and visual appeal, and use of 3-D design will add clarity and depth to site presentation. Experienced web designers know that most site users and visitors are more at ease with new digital components when a website’s design includes 3-D elements. Adding three-dimensional effects to a site design also makes the site’s interactive features seem more natural and easy to use.    

• Micro-Interactions.
– The value of micro-interactions is becoming more evident as websites expand and become more complex or diverse in content and usability. During 2019, many sites will have greater density of a variety of micro-interactions such as chimes, scrolling animation or hover capabilities. When you increase your site’s content of these interactive elements, your site will seem smarter and will engage and involve a larger audience of potential new website members or clients. However, an overload of these intriguing elements can be somewhat overwhelming to your site visitors. Your goal should be to attract the visitors’ attention, capturing their true and lasting interest and involvement in your site and the information, products and services that it offers rather than overpowering their sensibilities.  

• Thumb-Easy Navigation.
– Most people browse the web today on their smartphones of tablets. The majority of online shopping is now accomplished with use of mobile digital devices, and for this reason, this year’s trends in web design will be toward increasing mobile friendliness beyond the inclusion of responsive design elements. Since mobile web users normally operate their smartphones with one hand, thumb-easy navigation is now an essential feature of a successful website. One design feature that is of major help to mobile web users is placing all navigating options at the screen bottom for easy thumb-powered site navigation.    

• Use of Chatbots.
– Chatbots are expected to become a major design element of many websites during 2019. Their popular use is growing rapidly because of the advancements in artificial intelligence technologies and machine learning. The new 2019 bots will have greater capacity for customizing and will be more compelling to site users and new visitors. Chatbots will be initiated this year with the capacity to integrate themselves with Facebook, Skype, Slack and other social media and popular communications sites. There are currently language tutoring platforms that use chatbots. Many language students are encouraged to speak freely with bots since they will not mock or tease you when you make numerous or outlandish mistakes. Savvy designers make note of such site user reactions to bots when planning and incorporating these new web design elements. 

Website development trends for 2019 include a combination of new design elements appearing on the horizon and some current or older trends gaining more popular use today. Visual and volumetric, cleverly interactive and one-hand, navigation-friendly elements are now at the forefront of the most dynamically trending site design modes for this year. 

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