Web Design and Its Impact on Customer Experience

Impact on Customer Experience

Web design has a very strong impact on customer experience on any website today. Top quality website structure, layout, features and technology are essential for gaining greater web visibility, credibility, visitor traffic and conversion rates for your online business. Since web design in one of the most essential parts of any Internet marketing strategy, it is important to keep your site updated in terms of design and user experience. Your site’s creative and aesthetic qualities, degrees of simple navigation and easy usability are all vital components in ensuring the ultimate customer experience, brand recognition and sales conversions for your online business success.  

Ways in Which Web Design Creates a Significant Impact on Customer Experience

The overall design of your website will make a significant impact on your customers’ experience while visiting and navigating your site to explore the qualities and benefits of your business products and services. The collective features and functions of your site along with its overall design will affect your visitors and regular customers in multiple ways, including the following:

1. Appearance and Quality.
– Ideally, your website should have a sleek, updated, contemporary look with features and functions that exhibit today’s web design standards. Many sites fall into categories between old and new web design. While some websites have an attractive, creative appearance, they may be using outdated design, technologies and SEO techniques. Regardless of the type of business website that you have and its current structure, creative features, navigation and functions, your goal should be to bring it up-to-date with the most highly effective contemporary design options.Current effective trends in web design include the following:

• Responsive Design Features.
– This design option utilises code that enables your site to function in a uniform way across device platforms and capabilities, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktop computers.    

• Parallax Scrolling. – Use of this design trend option facilitates overlaying two different visuals on a web page and having them move at different speeds as a site user scrolls through the page. Your site users will enjoy a top-tier visual experience, staying strongly engaged as they continue viewing your products and services. 

• Multimedia. – By including quality videos, slideshows, animation and interactive features on your website, you will keep your site visitors interested and engaged. Whether you incorporate multimedia on the pages of your site or as downloadable elements in blog posts and eBooks, you will capture greater attention and sales conversions from customers and new site visitors.  

• Large, Bold Fonts. – For a smoother, more effective and enjoyable customer experience, you can use large, bold fonts like sans-serif that are easy to read.  

• Captivating Images. – Attention-getting, dynamic images as extra-large graphics requiring full-page width at the page-tops of articles or other web content. They provide visual summaries of the textual content on a web page while generating social media clicks and shares. 

2. Easy Navigation and Clarity.
– With good navigation and clarity of design, your website guests can locate desired products or site areas of high interest quickly and easily. By using familiar and intuitive navigation, you will offer optimal ease of site use, greatly enhancing customer experience and your business success. With use of breadcrumb navigation, all the site pages that your visitors click onto will remain in each visitor’s navigation bar for easy access. Drop-down menus will enable customers see what pages a menu category offers by hovering the cursor over a category title in the menu.   

3. Reduced Loading Time. – Today’s Internet user will engage the most with content on sites that load instantly when they are accessed and use minimal amounts of data. You can improve your website’s loading time by using optimised image sizes, removing all auto-playing multimedia features and making use of white space, which reduces data demand.  

By including these updated web design trends in your site’s layout and presentation while using measures to improve conversion rates, you will have an active, productive and profitable site for your online enterprise. You can gain more conversions by using a color scheme that best highlights your products and sales pitches or promotions. By maintaining a sleek, simple page design, you will make it easier for customers to view, understand and purchase your brand’s products and services. In addition, by including images of human faces that look pleased with your brand and all that it has to offer, you will boost your sales conversions while significantly enhancing customer experience on your attractive, streamlined and revitalized website. 

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