Website Landing Page Design: Why Does it Matter?

Landing Page

Landing pages are essential for informing casual web browsers and your regular customers about your brand’s latest products and services. These pages also help strengthen your company’s web presence and credibility.

Most of all, they are of great help in keeping new and older customers visiting your website to view your featured items and purchase your products for sale. If you offer specific services to your target market, your landing pages offer vital support for making you a reliable, trusted and popular service provider in your industry niche.

Why Your Website Landing Page Design Determines Your Business Success

The web design and content of your landing pages can determine the success levels of your online business for the following reasons:

Headline. It is a well-known fact that web users typically skim through web page content. Of course, the headline is the first major element that they encounter on your landing page. Unless your page headline is highly engaging and brief, capturing the interest and curiosity of your page visitors, your conversion rates for your featured products and services may lag and drop significantly.

Navigation. If your landing page has unclear navigation, your new visitors may be discouraged as soon as they access your page. If getting from point A to point B appears to be too complicated or time-consuming, they may exit your page quickly to visit a better-designed site of one of your competitors. It can be extremely helpful to seek the advice of a quality web designer to ensure that your landing page meets leading criteria for smooth, easy site navigation.

Mobile Optimisation. Unless your landing page is optimised for easy access on mobile devices, you will miss viewership by a vast number of web users today. Only sites and web pages with responsive or adaptive design can conform to any screen size, from desktop computers to laptops, tablets and smartphones. Once your landing page is optimised for mobile access, you should experience a remarkable upswing in conversion rates for your products and services.

Online Presence. To keep your online presence alive and flourishing, you must constantly revise and update your landing page. If you notice a drop in sales conversion numbers for your brand’s featured items, update your page content. Stale content is one thing that can cause your sales numbers to plummet quickly. For this reason and to attract new customers while retaining the high interest of your loyal clients, evaluate your landing page design and content on a regular schedule, making changes and updates as needed.

Loading Speed. Both your landing page and all the pages of your website must load with optimal and consistent speed to capture and hold the interest of your visitors. After a couple of seconds, today’s web users start to lose interest in the page content that is loading item by item. To ensure the highest levels of web traffic and the greatest sales conversion rates, you must maintain and continue to upgrade the loading speed of all of the content on your landing page.

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