What are the Benefits of Having an SSL Certificate for your Domain?

SSL Certificate

SSL, or Secure Socket Layers, is a public key system using the RSA encryption and authentication mode via security certificates. SSL is an ideal method of safeguarding sensitive data since it aids in creating a secure connection between a client and the server with use of the secure protocol, HTTPS. 

Today, it is widely used on sites of all types and is especially helpful for protecting the contact information and credit card details of customers shopping on product and service sales websites. This public key system involves the use of two keys, the public and private keys that are utilised to encrypt and decrypt information, respectively. A Certificate Authority (CA) is shared solely with the specified domain or server to ensure secure accessibility of the data by the authorised parties or entities.    

Major Benefits of Having an SSL Certificate for Your Domain

Primary benefits of having an SSL Certificate for your domain today include the following: 

1. Eliminate the Hackers. – To protect your own business site interests today, it is essential to be on the lookout for phishing sites. These websites are designed as nearly identical copies of the authentic sites and are structured to attempt to extract valuable information from visitors to these fake sites. Fortunately, SSL certificates cannot be acquired by fake domains, so other site owners and operators know to avoid them. When you have an SSL certificate for your website, your site can also be shielded from sniffing, eavesdropping or attacks by unscrupulous intermediaries.  

2. Increase Ranking and Brand Value.
– After Google updated its algorithm and included HTTPS as a ranking signal, domains with SSL certificates and a URL beginning with an HTTPS protocol achieved a ranking advantage. When your website has an SSL, your site visitors and customers will have higher regard for your brand, products and services. Your visitors, both regular customers and casual web browsers, will have the assurance that they are on a trusted, authentic website. They will have no need to be concerned about security issues while on your site, and this will put them at ease to linger and examine your featured products more closely. Your web traffic quality and volumes will improve, and your sales conversion rates will rise.  

3. Secure Shopping and Safe Payments.
– Today, online companies are required to have SSL certificates to satisfy the PCI security standards used by credit and debit card issuers. When shoppers see the HTTPS protocol in front of your website URL, they will enjoy shopping and have no fears about entering their charge card data on your site’s payment portal for purchasing your products. Your buyers will also view your company site as highly trustworthy and reputable.  

4. Strengthen Trust with Extended Authentication. – A secure authentication method is a necessity for online sales sites today since large volumes of valuable banking and personal information is exchanged over cloud platforms when customers make purchases. Customers are very security-savvy now and want to shop only on safe, secure websites. There are different types of CA’s available to domain owners today, providing domain validation, organization validation and extended validation (EV). Your SSL certificate validates your trustworthy business existence by affirming certain legal documents and ensuring that your site has top-rated authentication. 

Encryption algorithms such as RSA, DSA and ECC are in use today by the majority of certificate authorities. All data that is transmitted via an SSL connection is fully encrypted, making it impossible for a potential hacker or site intruder to decipher this valuable information.

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