What Are the Characteristics of a User-Friendly Website?

User-Friendly Website

Anyone can learn to build a website that is attractive to a certain audience on the Internet. However, if you are planning to operate a successful e-commerce site, building a loyal customer base and growing your enterprise as you promote your brand’s products and services, you need to create a site that is not only attractive to visitors, but also user-friendly. Even visitors to your website who are interested in your specific brand and your latest featured products will often turn away, leaving your site for others that are better designed for easy visitor navigation and use. By gaining the knowledge and skills to create a site with high degrees of user-comforts and easy usage or hiring expert website designers to build one for you, you can benefit from outstanding improvement in Web traffic volumes, interested customers and product sales conversion rates for your business.

What Are the Major Characteristics of a User-Friendly Website?

Major characteristics, qualities and features of a user-friendly website include the following:

• User-Friendly Sites Are Not Over-designed. – Websites that are too ornate, fussy or intricate in design may be difficult to navigate and use. Too many heavy images are not good as well especially if these images are shown in every page where they become so repetitive that potential visitors will no longer find them attractive. They also increase loading time which slows down loading speed. These sites can easily develop bothersome errors that make certain areas and functions of your site useless to site visitors and potential customers. These non-functioning aspects of your site may cause search engines to stop crawling your web pages, lowering your SERPs rankings and preventing many Web users from discovering your website and business.

• Well Optimised Sites Are User-Friendly. – When your company website is well-optimised and attractive to search engines for indexing, it will also be user-friendly. The same characteristics of good site content presentation, simplicity and clarity that gain good rankings for your website will also gain popularity for your site and its content with your site visitors and customers. Since SEO techniques and search engine guidelines change frequently, it is always helpful to consult SEO experts to make additions and improvements to your website design. Today, just adding good keywords and phrases will not bring you good SEO results. Modern search engine optimisation for websites is now focused on addressing the interests and needs of your target audience to build a growing and loyal customer base.

• Modern Websites Must Be Mobile-Friendly to Attract Users.
– Today, browsing the Web via mobile digital devices is far more popular than desktop Internet access and use. All major SEO professionals now highly recommend optimising business sites for mobile-friendly use. When your current business site is updated to be mobile-user responsive, you will be elated at the boost your company will gain in increased Web traffic volumes, new interested site visitors and additional loyal customers. Your site will soon generate many quality leads as it ranks higher for SEO as a mobile-friendly website, resulting in greater online business visibility and recognition, and ultimately, in higher sales conversion rates for your brand’s products and services. A well-designed and organised website that is user-friendly and easy to navigate is truly a necessity for operating a successful online business today.

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