Why Do E-Commerce Websites Need SSL or Secure Domains?

SSL or Secure Domains

SSL protocol ensures online businesses and customers that private data communicated between website owners and operators via servers is well safeguarded from interception or tampering by other Web users. The data communicated is encrypted to make certain that its confidentiality is maintained during transmission. SSL is an abbreviation for Secure Socket Layer, which is one component of a more extensive security protocol, Transport Layer Security (TLS). Because all transmissions between computers and servers are well encrypted, third parties are prevented from intervening as data interceptors or hackers. Before data is communicated via the Web, SSL protocol ensures that the computer operator and server engage in a careful verification process of their identities.

Complicated encryption techniques are used to scramble all data to be transmitted. As an Internet user, you can easily determine that a website has SSL certification in several different ways. For example, if the site’s URL begins with “HTTPS” rather than the commonly used “HTTP,” you have assurance that this website is SSL certified. Another visible sign of SSL certification on sites is the appearance of a small thumbs-up or padlock image in the address bar of the site. A third sign that reveals a website’s SSL certification is when the address bar turns green, which signifies session security. Even if hackers or other unauthorized site visitors do manage to view your transmitted data, your well-scrambled transmission will be illegible to them. Consequently, your data will remain a secure transmission for the intended recipient to receive and review.

Different Types of SSL Certificates and What They Offer to Protect Domain Data During Transmissions

Different types of SSL Certificates that website owners can select to protect their domain data during online communications include the following:

• RapidSSL Certificate. – This type of SSL certificate is an excellent choice for website activity that involves low volumes of data transmissions and e-commerce. This type of certification provides online companies fast issuance of SSL certificates at the lowest prices currently obtainable. If you have such low levels of activity on your website and your customers are not concerned about your site’s low activity rates or that your brand lacks high-volume conversion rates, a RapidSSL Certificate is most likely the best choice for you and your online business.

• RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate. – This variety of chained root SSL certificate has the capacity to secure several sub-domains with use of just one domain name. This type of certification lets websites engage in well-protected e-commerce via a secure SSL connection that is encrypted and good for a site or group of websites with low volume conversion rates of low monetary value.

Both of these types of RapidSSL Certificates have issuance from a highly trustworthy CA root certificate under the ownership of RapidSSL, which ensures the stability of all certificates obtained by website owners for securing data.

• FreeSSL Certificate. – This kind of SSL certificate is valid and functional for 30 days. Actually, it is the only currently trustworthy short-term, trial SSL certificate that website owners can obtain. For online company owners who want to test server quality and SSL certificate security levels, this short-term certification can be a good choice. Site owners can always upgrade later to either a RapidSSL or RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate. In the meantime, a Free SSL Certificate will provide the same levels of browser recognition as those offered by the upgraded SSL certificate choices.

Once domain owners determine the ideal variety of SSL certificate for safeguarding website data during communications, they can enjoy the assurance that all valuable site transmissions and transactions will be kept completely secure, promoting customer confidence in continuing and increasing e-commerce with these well-protected domains.

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