Why Do You Need a Mobile Responsive Website?

Mobile Responsive Website

The top quality website design and web hosting companies today offer a comprehensive, smooth process that enables even startup ventures to navigate the route from small, beginning business to highly visible, growing and successful online enterprise. Without this expert site design and development to guide and position a new business for gaining new customers and sales conversions, it would be difficult for many young companies to acquire a constantly expanding base of loyal clients.

Many novice company owners would not survive their first year in the busy world of ecommerce. Yet with the aid of an experienced, professional web design, development and hosting company, small to mid-sized Internet based businesses can enjoy early signs of success and profits within a short time after their startup days. With advanced techniques, including updates in SEO, CRO and analytics, plus impressive media postings, interactive site features, good social media connections and mobile device compatibility, your new business or personal interest website will be well on its path to achieving an outstanding web presence and success.

Why You Need to Have a Mobile Responsive Website

Unless you have a mobile-friendly site today for your company or personal interest, you are undoubtedly missing out on attracting significant numbers of new customers or site members. Many first-time visitors to your site may not return, and many potential clients will not discover your website or its products and services. A mobile responsive website is designed to determine what kind of digital device each visitor is using to access your website. Whether a visitor arrives on your site with use of a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer, your site will automatically adjust various web design elements it displays, making it best suited for complete viewing on the appropriate device. A mobile responsive website is especially helpful to your online enterprise for the following reasons:

• Popularity of Mobile Device Use. – Currently, upwards of 50 percent of all Google searches are performed on tablets and smartphones. Due to the higher usage of these smaller sized device screens, responsive design is essential to maximize your web visibility and site traffic.

• Quality of User Experience. – Many first-time visitors to your site will quickly exit your web pages if they do not support complete site interaction on a mobile device. Even more guests will become disenchanted and leave your website unless all of its features load within three seconds.

• Favorite Sites of Search Engines.
 – Since they provide an enhanced user experience, mobile-friendly sites that adapt to the user’s device screen size are favored by Google, Bing and Yahoo. When your website has responsive web design, it will also have quality search engine optimisation, bringing you more interested customers. Many of these new customers will become regular visitors and buyers, joining your ongoing client base.

• Cost-Efficient and Time-Saving Choice.
 – By choosing to have a mobile responsive website, you will enjoy the luxury of needing to manage only one site rather than separate desktop and mobile device versions. Responsive websites are also easier to operate, cost less to maintain and result in a greater ROI for your company or project.

Netwizard Design is a web development and hosting company that specialises not only in new mobile-friendly websites, but we also specialise in the conversion of non-mobile friendly websites to become mobile-friendly. You will have a customised mobile framework that is based on your original theme and we do not rely on easy mobile plug-ins that don’t carry out the beautiful design that your website offers to clients. For more information, please feel free to contact us either by phone call or email.

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