Why E-Commerce Websites Should Have Mobile Framework Web Design

Mobile Framework Web Design

More web users access their favourite sites or browse the Internet today on smart phones and tablets than on PCs. Nearly one billion individuals now connect to the Internet on mobile devices. Three out of every five mobile users leave a non-responsive (non-mobile-ready) domain immediately. However, if these same sites are optimised for easy accessibility on mobile devices, these websites can surge ahead of competing e-commerce and personal interest sites for significantly greater levels of visibility and success. Web design for mobile device use must be very focused with special attention given to attractive and practical page designs for small screen viewing and use.

Contemporary e-commerce websites need mobile framework web design for optimal degrees of easy access, high functionality and strong viewer engagement. Advanced yet easy-to-use, front-end responsive web design in an updated HTML5 framework enables site builders and optimisers to either design for mobile use first or convert big screen displays to mobile use size. With rapid-prototyping capacity, a responsive layout grid, CSS style properties along with a CSS class for scaling responsive image components, an HTML5 shiv to accommodate older web browsers and a PSD template for creating mock-ups of your web designs, you can get involved with responsive web design for your e-commerce site quickly.

More Reasons for Using Mobile Framework Web Design for E-Commerce Sites

• Simple Navigation. – When your e-commerce website is optimised with use of responsive web design, your site visitors will enjoy simple and smooth navigation through all pages and areas of your site. Your entire website will be easily viewed without the annoyance of pinching, scrolling or zooming. Since responsive sites are structured on a flexible and fluid grid that quickly adapts to the browser delivering the site, users can easily navigate these websites on virtually any type of smart phone.

• E-Commerce-Ready. –
If your business website is mobile-ready, it is also e-commerce-ready. Since responsive web design supports use of the shopping cart option, you will never experience problems with lost or incomplete sales. As soon as your website is designed and optimised for mobile accessibility and use, your e-commerce enterprise is open for business. You can look forward to significant improvements and even unexpected spikes in sales conversion rates.

• Time-Saving and Cost-Effective. – Because you only need to design one website that is easily and completely accessible, visible and functional on different digital devices, you will save both time and money with use of responsive website design for your e-commerce site. Especially since your sales conversion rates will increase steadily with a mobile-friendly website, you can look forward to spending less money and producing more revenues with use of responsive web design.

You can also upgrade and enhance your e-commerce site’s mobile web presence by adding a mobile app to your latest online sales tools. Predictions are that by 2021, mobile sales will account for over half of all online sales transactions. Mobile shopping apps can provide a strong boost to attracting greater numbers of customers and attaining higher sales conversion rates for all e-commerce websites today.

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