Web Design

Whether you are a tradie that needs a better website to get more leads or a retailer that wants to sell products.

Web Hosting

If you need to add photos to your gallery or change some text and don’t have time just send it to us and we will do it for you.

Online Stores

Beautiful custom built online shopping websites that are easy to use and get results. No ugly templates or time consuming self-building software.

Website Marketing

Have a custom website created that includes a built in suite of SEO products alongside the latest Social media and content marketing techniques.

Email Hosting

Keep a professional appearance with a business domain name, business email address and a beautiful custom website.

Logo Design

Instead of using unoriginal logo generator software let the professional graphic designers at Netwizard Design create a custom logo for you.

Domain Registration

Register your domain name with Netwizard Design and enjoy seamless integration with all of our other services.


Netwizard Design offers customized Client Relationship Management software to make running your business easy!

Online Reputation Management

You know that feeling when you get a notification from Google or Truelocal alerting you of a negative review? That sinking feeling knowing this will negatively affect the business you have poured your blood and sweat into building.

Copy Writing

Let us write engaging and compelling content for you. Simply send us a few bullet points of the info you want us to cover and we will do the rest for you.


Why Quality Content Matters in Web Design

Quality content is essential today in website design to ensure that your site will attract good web traffic volumes. Only with more visitors accessing your web pages on a regular basis can you gain new first-time customers. With innovative and appealing website content that is highly relevant to your niche, products and services, you can then entice these first-time site users and buyers, turning them into returning customers and then, into loyal members of your client base. When your site content is kept new, fresh and updated as needed to best display and showcase your company’s featured products and unique services, you are most likely to attract your target audience on an ongoing basis. The best website content is created specifically for your target market and will consistently raise your SERPs rankings, your daily site traffic volumes and your brand’s online conversion rates while increasing your site’s web visibility.

Why Quality Content Matters in Web Design Today

Ever since the introduction of the Google algorithm update, Hummingbird, in 2013, semantic web searches have gained primary importance for Internet users. Important reasons why top quality website content is even more important today than in previous years include the following:

• Hummingbird Algorithm Focus on Semantic Searches. – With the primary focus of Google’s powerful Hummingbird algorithm on semantic, content-related search results, it is imperative for website owners to present top-grade content on their sites. When web users perform searches today, they receive returns based on conversational meaning and intent of each search rather than on cleverly placed or overused keywords. For this reason, a website that gets good ranking and placement in searches must have content that offers a clear, innovative and captivating presentation of site purpose, goal, value, products and services.

• Value of Optimum Quality Site Content in Social Media Posts. – Because many website owners place content from their web pages on social media sites, either as posts or as shared material to showcase their brand, products and industry niche, there is growing emphasis today on the importance of sites that are expertly developed, designed, hosted and promoted. All elements of your website should be exceptional in value and content excellence in order to create and maintain a competitive edge in your area of enterprise. Especially if you place business ads on social media sites featuring your company website, you should make every effort to present the very best grade of site content possible today, from written content to video and film clips to graphics, photos, interactive features and more.

• Website Owner Benefits of Sharing Quality Web Content. – Many busy website owners today share sections of their site pages or even their entire site content with business associates, clients and potential customers in order to promote their business brand quickly, especially when sharing business data and information during online web conferences, group meetings and webinars. When site content is of top-tier quality, this is one of the fastest and most effective ways to showcase and promote all that your business and brand has to offer. This process is also a time-saver for busy entrepreneurs, since less talk and more visual intake and assessment works best for everyone.

• Excellent Visual Presentation for Today’s Online Success.
 – The contemporary world is very much a visual one in which fast-paced discoveries, innovations, decisions and updates are reached swiftly. Information must be distributed with lightning speed, in many instances, so that business owners and managers can keep up with vital changes in products, services, data and other important aspects of companies and brands they buy, sell, create or supply to others. Instant changes in brand or product values, features and significance must be realized instantaneously to ensure that all concerned stay on top of the ever-changing areas of each industry. Since the fastest way to display and explain many changes is by visual presentation via web videos, film footage clips, photos and graphics, visual website content with state-of-the-art presentation features can bring outstanding value and success to a savvy business brand and site owner.

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