Why Should You Upgrade Your Website from Static to WordPress?

Upgrade Your Website

As a Content Management System (CMS), WordPress is designed to aid you in managing various aspects of your website via a user-friendly platform and format. You can be the administrator of your site, initiating all necessary changes on your site pages from the admin area, which is basically self-explanatory in terms of available features and functions. Today, WordPress is home to upwards of 25 percent of all Internet websites. This convenient CMS is found on WordPress.org rather than on WordPress.com, which is designed for hosting blogs.

A static HTML website, in contrast, is formed with use of HTML, the language used with different scripting and markup languages to create web page content. Unless you are an expert in web development, you will need to hire the services of a qualified web developer to construct your HTML business site with use of HTML along with other IT tools such as CSS and JavaScript. Although it can be convenient to have someone else build your website, it can also be quite costly, especially since you will need to call on your website designers for services any time you need to make additions or changes to your site.

Why Should You Choose to Upgrade Your Current Website from Static HTML to WordPress? There are important reasons from upgrading your current site from static HTML to WordPress today, including the following:

• WordPress Is Very Search-Engine Friendly. WordPress is the most search-engine friendly platforms that Google and other search engines find very easy to index and crawl. Likewise any website owner will find it very easy to use when he/she needs to add photos or upload new contents because the dashboard or backend access is very user-friendly and tutorials are available online. There are also numerous available plug-ins that are available which makes it easy for owners to improve their website’s functionality.

• WordPress is Well-Known, Respected and Powerful.
 – WordPress.org is well-known and respected, and it is used globally today for building and operating many diverse and highly successful website enterprises of all types. Just with simple plugins installations, users can add many different functionality options to their sites, like a useful contact form, a photo or video gallery, a signup box for new site members or customers or a site visitors’ comments section. The more features you include in your site design, the greater the likelihood that you will decide to change their placement or appearance at some future date. For this reason, the simplicity of the overall WordPress design and usability make it easy and even enjoyable to make any necessary deletions or adjustments to website design and content.

• WordPress Member-Users Have Total Control of Their Website Design and Usage. They also control their domain names and site content. WordPress users can add an unlimited number of pages to their sites, as needed, and there is never any limit placed on websites relative to their increasing web page traffic volumes, sales conversion rates or popularity in online business listings or organisations.

Because they are very search-engine friendly and easily indexed and crawled by search engines, WordPress websites can attain Internet visibility and search engine rankings faster than many other sites. The streamlined, user-friendly dashboards of these sites are also a definite benefit for site owners who often need to add or revise content on their sites.

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