Why Small Businesses Should Have Their Own Websites

Small Businesses Should Have Their Own Websites

Any small business will benefit from having a website today. In today’s busy world of fast-paced global commerce, a strong, reputable online presence is vital to growing and sustaining a successful business. With ecommerce on a consistent upswing, small companies can significantly increase their loyal client bases with greater sales conversions and profits. Since consumers now spend vast amounts of time on the Internet, your enterprise can use this opportunity to attract more web traffic to your site, capturing larger numbers of customers to build your business more rapidly and steadily than ever before. Especially because ecommerce offers a convenient and very cost-effective way of boosting business, savvy new business owners realize quickly that having a well-designed and developed company website is essential for growing success in the contemporary arena of small business.

While 96 percent of all Australian companies in existence today are small businesses, only one-half of them own their own web domains. In fact, is has been noted that among global small businesses today, as many as 59 percent do not have websites. The reason most frequently given by these companies without sites is lack of time to commit to creation and operation of a website. Some company owners expressed their concerns about the expense of hiring quality website designers, developers and hosts to create, develop, host and update their websites as needed. However, an overview of basic domestic or global statistics concerning ecommerce success rates for small businesses today should persuade these company owners to acquire commercial websites.

Major Reasons Why Small Enterprises Need to Have Commercial Websites Today

Important reasons for having a business website if you own a small company today include the following:

• Internet Commerce Searches. – With less focus today on local commerce and much more emphasis on global business and sales, online search volumes are constantly increasing as both companies and consumers seek out ecommerce sites on their computers, tablets, iPhones or other mobile digital devices. Online searches are used daily, even to obtain company phone numbers and addresses in searchers’ local neighborhoods. Unless you as a business owner have a good web presence focused on a well-developed and attractive website, you will miss gaining the attentions and business of people in your local community as well as customers from around the nation and globe.

• Valuable Marketing Channel. – With the engaging and effective online presence created for your business by a well-designed and promoted website, you will have another valuable marketing channel for your company brand and products or services. Similar to the way in which a captivating billboard can draw large amounts of attention to your company, a well-designed and presented website can attract impressive volumes of web traffic and interested visitors to your business and brand. With this type of cost-efficient, global advertising and promotion, your marketing reach will increase greatly to help you build a much larger customer base. Once you have your engaging company site, it will be easy to move on to additional marketing methods such as ongoing SEO updates, business blog posts, online company ads and creating an engaging social media presence for your brand.

• Major Data Collection and Lead Generation Advantage. – Your new customers are much more likely to enter their email addresses and other contact data in boxes on your attractive business website than they are to add this information to a form you have in your local store or send to them by snail mail. Of course, an obvious advantage of a company website that collects customer and visitor data is that your online marketing reach is global rather than local. You can also entice your site visitors to enter this data by offering them a free company newsletter or downloadable eBook.

Every successful small business today needs a well-structured and developed company website to ensure a strong, attractive and valuable web presence for top quality marketing and promotion of the business brand, products and services. With the aid of an expert website design, development and marketing team today, your new company site will have the ideal content, credibility and online visibility to excel, gaining high levels of success and profitability through increased web traffic and sales conversions.

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