Your Homepage Checklist: What are the Most Important Things?

Homepage Checklist

Acquiring high levels of Web visibility and a strong online presence are essential for Internet business success today. To achieve this goal, you must have a website homepage that will attract high volumes of Web traffic resulting in larger numbers of buying customers for greater conversion rates and business success.

Since many first-time visitors to your site will only access and view your homepage, and only briefly, it is of major importance to create and maintain a homepage that is welcoming, captivating and highly effective in gaining new customers and conversions for your products and services.

The Most Important Items for Your Homepage Checklist

For attaining high degrees of online visibility and success for your website today, you should create a Homepage Checklist that contains the following as top-listed items of importance to include on your homepage:

1. Clear Picture of Your Site’s Purpose and Intent.
– The main purpose and intent of your website must be obvious to your visitors as soon as they land on your homepage. The goal of your content on this page should be to give a visual, audial and textual snapshot or “freeze-frame” of the main purpose, focus and intent of your website content for achieving the primary goal of your business or personal interest project.

Since we live in a very visually oriented era, both still images and videos are important on most homepages, as well as use of effective graphics, animation and interactive features. Your textual content should be brief, concise and easily understood. Just remember that streamlined, well-focused content spotlighting the simple, basic reason for your website is what your homepage needs.

2. Intuitive Navigation with Laser-point Clarity. – It is crucial to your website’s success to simplify and clarify the terrain and navigation of your web pages. Microsoft now claims that the attention span of most Internet users today has been reduced to approximately eight seconds, so you haven’t much time to impress your site visitors. Everyone who lands on your homepage must be able to access what they seek or have an interest in with laser-sharp speed and accuracy.

Avoid use of trendy or cute navigation tactics and styles, and opt for the simple and obvious. By including only your site’s primary pages in your navigation, you will better enable your target market to arrive at the best destination to find, view and perhaps purchase what they are looking for.

3. Top Quality SEO, CRO and CRM. – Advanced techniques and technology for top quality SEO, CRO and CRM are vital inclusions for your website homepage. In addition, you need effective social media links and other backlinks representing related content and business sites. News articles and blog posts are also highly effective site elements, and navigation to this textual content should be obvious on your homepage.

4. Brand Consistency Techniques.
– Brand consistency should be well displayed on your homepage to best promote your business products and intent. Since consistency breeds familiarity and creates lasting memory for quick recall and recognition, it is an essential element of commercial success. Colors, designs, styles and uses of your brand should be easily understood by viewing your website’s homepage.

5. Primary “Call to Action.” – Your main “Call to Action” should be clearly voiced and revealed on your homepage. This will educate, interest and motivate even casual visitors to investigate and act upon acquiring or participating in what your brand has to offer. When your Call to Action is well stated or displayed, your own enthusiasm becomes contagious with the very best of intentions and results.

For best possible safe, secure and effective business success today, your website should now be an HTTPS “Secure” site to ensure secure data entry, safe purchasing transactions for your site visitors and customers and better website visibility and high ratings in Google searches for promoting your site and ensuring your business success.

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